Swiss bugatti Veyron Super Sports carbon fiber

SWISS BUGATTI VEYRON SUPER SPORT CARBON FIBRE (3)This Bugatti Veyron Super carbon fiber 2 tone matte / gloss in Switzerland has been seen cuckolding around London once more. The new Bugatti Veyron 2014 Super Sport made its infoteches public coming into court in August 2013. Limited to 40 parts, this super car offerings an making a strong or vivid impression set of specifications.

The last fourth dimension he was here, we only fourth dimension for one night. Hopefully this time it will be a get through longer. Spotters hire London, keep your eyes peeled! Check out the current generation of pictures and video clippings of the same from solar day below.

Top speed Bugatti is electronically limited to 415 kmh to protect the tires; the Veyron Super Sport is capable of going even determined. Throughout testing of this car reached a peak of 431 kmh, giving rise to a new global ecord land speed for car production.

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport needs exactly 2.5 seconds to reach 100 kilometer/hour, in 7.3 seconds to hit 200 kmh and 16.7 seconds to arrive at 300 kmh. Here some images of Swiss bugatti Veyron Super Sports carbon fiber